Protection for catheter without dressing
100% waterproof
Guaranteed waterproof in case of immersion
20 pcs packaging.


  • Intended use

    Waterproof protection for catheter with exit-site without dressing − Specially designed to guarantee waterproofing during immersions: perfect for bathing in the bathtub, in the sea, at the pool, and for all water activities.
  • Method of use

    Cleanse the skin around the catheter, with circular motions from the outside to the inside Insert the lumens of the catheter into the opening hole Remove the film above the sticker Start to apply the sticker from the inferior edge of the hole and complete the application from the bottom to the top, avoiding the formation of creases or air bubbles Remove it by lifting a small strap of the sticker from the inferior part of the pocket, then pull with caution with delicate, short motions from the bottom to the top
  • Technical characteristics

    Size of the hole: ø 5 cm (1.97 in.) Size of the pocket: 21×11 cm (8.27 x 4.33 in.) Hypoallergenic sticker, easy to remove, does not leave any residues. Once applied, EXIT-POCKET® WP preserve its waterproof characteristics, even at high outside temperatures or in presence of sweating Marked CE Class I Medical Device, non-sterile Single-use
  • Warnings

    Single-use: do not reuse Only use the device for the time that is necessary to the operations of hygiene or to the water activities Apply on cleaned, perfectly dry and shaved skin. Make sure that the sticker fully adheres to the skin. Remove with caution. Do not pull the cannulas of the catheter.

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