In patients dressing a catheter, contact with water carries a high bacterial contamination risk and it increases infections related to the catheter


A catheter implantation affects the lifestyle, limits simple gestures of personal hygiene and modifies your habits and of those around you.
To be compromised is not only the sharing of a swim in the sea or a swim in the pool, but also the pleasure of taking a shower in a comfortable and relaxed way.
When you have a catheter your hygiene and care operations require constant help, compromising autonomy and comfort. A Catheter condition could create further discomfort and lead to a disease.

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Infection risk

One of the major infection causes related to a catheter dressing is the water contact and it is extremely important that catheter’s exit-site, as well as catheter’s lumen remains dry.
Water is a source of bacterial contamination because:

  • water carries cleansers and substances removed from the skin or hair during a shower or bath.
  • water transmits sea water or swimming pool bacteria
  • water creates a favorable environment to skin maceration and consequently to a bacterial and mycotic easy proliferation
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