Waterproof protection for the catheter


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  • Suggested for catheter with medium dressing
  • 100% waterproof
  • Guaranteed waterproof in case of immersion
  • 20 pcs packaging.
Intended use
  • Waterproof protection for catheter with dressing
  • Specially designed to guarantee waterproofing during immersions: perfect for bathing in the bathtub, in the sea, at the pool, and for all water activities.
Method of use
  • Cleanse the skin around the catheter, using circular motions from the outside to the inside
  • Insert the lumens of the catheter or the dressing above them into the rectangular opening
  • Remove the film above the sticker
  • Start to apply the sticker from the inferior edge of the hole and complete the application from the bottom to the top, avoiding the formation of creases or air bubbles
  • Remove it by lifting a small strap of the sticker from the inferior part of the pocket, then pull with caution with delicate, short motions from the bottom to the top
Technical characteristics
  • Size of the rectangular opening: 10x9 cm (3.94 x 3.54 in.)
  • Size of the pocket: 26x13.5 cm (10.24 x 5.31 in.)
  • Hypoallergenic sticker, easy to remove, does not leave any residues. Once applied, EXIT-POCKET® WP preserve its waterproof characteristics, even at high outside temperatures or in presence of sweating
  • Marked CE Class I Medical Device, non-sterile
  • Single-use
  • Single-use: do not reuse
  • Only use the device for the time that is necessary to the operations of hygiene or to the water activities.
  • Apply on cleaned, perfectly dry and shaved skin.
  • Make sure that the sticker fully adheres to the skin.
  • Verify that the sticker does not overlap with the underlying dressing.
  • Remove with caution.
  • Do not pull the cannulas of the catheter.

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