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How can I choose the right model?

Depending on catheter type and if with or without medications. The version with circular opening is suitable for catheters without medication while the version with rectangular opening, wider, is suitable for catheters with medication dressing.
Dressing EXIT-POCKET®  WP with medication you must be very careful and ensure that the adhesive strip does not overlap with primary dressing underneath, otherwise, the seal with skin will not be good and may cause water contact with your medication

Can I wear EXIT-POKET WP by myself or do I need someone’s help?

EXIT-POCKET® WP has been designed and developed to improve people’s quality of life by making all activities that involve contact with water possible. The simplicity of the device allows its application and removal in a complete autonomy. Assistance from family members or support staff is not required.

Is it really waterproof?

EXIT-POCKET®  WP is waterproof; if applied correctly it allows the complete isolation of the exiting-site from water, preventing bacterial contamination. For this purpose it must be applied on the cleansed skin, perfectly dry and shaved. It is also necessary to make sure that the adhesive strip is completely sealed to the skin. To better wear it, before use, pay good attention to user instructions you find in the product’s package.

Is this reusable?

No, you can not reuse it, EXIT-POCKET® WP is a single-use device. Re-use does not ensure a good bag sealing with the skin, and, not ensure catheter protection from water.

For how long can I wear it?

EXIT-POCKET® WP can be worn as long as necessary to carry out personal hygiene operations or to practice sports or recreational activities in the water.

Is the pocket adhesive suitable for sensitive skin?

No cases of irritation due to EXIT-POCKET®  WP use have been reported by now. However, as with all adhesive dressings, allergic reactions to particularly sensitive individuals can not be ruled out.

Does EXIT-POCKET WP replace the medication?

No, EXIT-POCKET® WP does not replace the primary medication, but, protects it from water.

With which catheters can I use it?

EXIT-POCKET® WP is suggested for all catheter types and for all implant sites, for example central venous catheters, peripheral venous or arterial catheters, peritoneal catheters or peripherally inserted central venous catheters (PICC).

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